Active 18 is a citizens, residents and business-owners association of Ward 18. We formed quickly in 2005 to answer to the proposed developments located south of Queen St West in a portion of the Queen West Triangle.

What are we trying to accomplish?

We are insisting on good urban design, development and architecture.

The goal of ACTIVE 18 is to inform as well as reflect and focus citizen participation on future development in our neighbourhood. We all need to speak to our elected officials and City staff and tell them what we want. ACTIVE 18 is an open and transparent group. All are welcome to participate.


Our objective is to ensure that all new development constitutes a genuinely positive and exemplary addition to the neighborhood and to the city at large.

We aspire to work as closely as possible with all facets of the municipal and provincial governments, with the land-owners and their representatives to define an order for development that is beneficial to all, now and in the future.

Get Informed

Please join the Active 18 listserv to receive updates and continue writing letters to councilllors.

Many of the developments are currently being built. There are still issues to be aware of.  Park design and build out and changing the Green P to public park, Price Chopper property, the old Samko Toy site, the Gladstone ‘doughnuts’ site – to name a few.  Active 18 keeps on top of the issues.

Dreaming of the Future

We’re always looking at images of interesting buildings and try to find design suggestions for smart and thoughtful solutions to urban situations.  This is called the Cloud 360 degrees. The future is now.