North West Triangle

One of the main issues facing the redevelopment of the NW Triangle is that, for the most part, it is designated as Employment Areas in the City of Toronto Official Plan.  Uses in an Employment Area are limited to those that generate jobs.  Active 18 fully supports the redevelopment of the NW Triangle as a hub of new jobs for the community and beyond, while recognizing that some alternative uses such as housing for the elderly and institutional uses should be supported.  However, the Employment Area designation can be changed through application to the City and, ultimately, to the Ontario Municipal Board.  Active 18 is hoping that this does not happen and has called on the City to respond by examining the issue and preparing a statutory plan for the area through extensive community engagement.  Our letter to the City is here.  The City’s response is here.  While this is mostly legal mumbo jumbo, the point is that there is no plan in place for anything.  We encourage the new City Council to address this as soon as possible…

Two documents of interest

Letter from Active18 to Councillor Giambrone (Ward 18) and Lynda MacDonald, City Planning Department regarding a need for a Secondary Plan.  (View the PDF)

Response letter from City to Active 18. (View the PDF)