The Edge Condos

The Edge is sales name for the revised condo building on the south side of the new Lisgar Park. Currently there is a one storey food warehouse terminal. This property was not part of the original OMB fight which involved the three properties to the west of Abell. In 2007 it was bought by Baywood Properties, the owner of The Bohemian Embassy building. (This was one of three property purchases in the neighborhood.) Baywood brought a proposal for a large condo to City Council, which did not pass. It was appealed to the OMB but then the appeal was adjourned. The project including the adjourned OMB case was bought in 2010 by UrbanCore. UrbanCore has put forward a better design but the case still has to go to the OMB. That case is scheduled in April.

A18 was active in negotiating with Baywood in 2008 regarding the design of the building as it interfaces with the park. Design issues are still in play but not the crude fact there will be a large building on the site.

We may be parties at the OMB case when it resumes.

  • Here is the letter from Active18 to City Council regarding the Non-Res space issues in the new Edge Condos.  [PDF]

This is a fabulous image taken by Sam Bietenholz showing the new park, the new Edge, 48 Abell (to be demolished), 190 unit Social Housing tower, Artscape Triangle Lofts (3 floors red brick), 150 Sudbury tower (above the Artscape condos), Bohemian Tower – green glass, the Mews (south of Woolfits art supplies).

Edge Condos south of the new park - (SStudio photo)

Original Baywood “Love Boat” Proposal – reimagined by Active 18 (c. 2007-8)

Love Boat building with Book Trees (MGay sketch)

Love Boat Park sketch (GCaswell)

Love Boat with Balcony Screen patterns (MGay sketch)

Love Boat side view showing park integration (CCaswell sketch)