The Good News

People often ask us why we keep going.  Even though Active18 lost at the OMB –  the community did garner a few positives.

  • Artists studios. (56,000 square feet)
  • A Park. (.4 hectare or 1 acre)
  • Developers invite Active18 to preview designs – to get a read on community’s comments.
  • Active18 in the news. We are often asked by local newspapers to comment on issues.
  • Academia – York University, University of Toronto, Ryerson University professors and students are always looking to Active18 as an example of community activism.
  • People attend our events – wanting to talk about Urban Planning.
  • Section 37 benefits negotiated to be spent on projects in the Triangle.
  • The Theatre Centre will move to the grand Carnegie Library and undertake renovations.  Creating an active Arts Hub.
  • Year SIX. We are still going.
  • We are able to share our experiences and information with other community groups through this site.

Artscape Triangle Lofts.

Active 18 went to bat with Alan Saskin, the developer for 150 Sudbury and Artscape and ‘negotiated’ 56,000 square feet studio space for artist-owned studios.

The 48 Abell warehouse – a real ‘dirty, messy, smelly’ studio building that has functioned this way for over 30 years, will be demolished  in 2011.

Many in the community fought to keep some real sense of artist-community, acknowledging those who contributed heavily to the  the “Arts and Design” district nomenclature and helped build the funkiness into the area.  Of course many of these artists, arts organizations and independent galleries have already been displaced.

Artist owned studios

Triangle Park – in design mode 2011

See the Parks & Public Art section for the work that Active18 is doing for this next big project in the area.

Future Triangle Park

Future Triangle Park (GreenP)

Active 18 organized event:  All Candidates debate about URBAN PLANNING Ward 18

Who knew that you could get folks talking about City planning and Urban planning and make it part of the conversation during the election.

Active 18 organized election debate 2010

Active18 has organized 3 community charrettes and has had 5 AGMs.

We poster the area and people come to share their ideas.  We  document, photograph and write summaries of the proceedings and make this available to the public – for free.

NWT Charrette

Active18 as a Model for other Citizens Groups.

active 18 steering commitee c. 2007

active 18 steering committee c2007