What is the OMB

What can we say.

Perhaps Adam Vaughan says it best here regarding the new OMB ruling allowing the Freed Developments in the King West neighbourhood to surpass the height suggestions in that area by 60%:

the Globe quoted an unhappy Councillor Adam Vaughan who said the project

“blows the height context out the window. . . What’s the point of doing any planning? That’s the message that’s being sent.”

What’s the point of doing any planning?  An excellent question posed by Councillor Vaughan and many other folks who have had experience with the Ontario Municipal Board.

Why not just send all the development proposals directly to the OMB?  Why do we have a City Planning department if their expertise, hard work and recommendations are consistently overturned at the OMB level?

When can we get rid of this unelected body/mechanism?  How does it help our city?