York University MES Theses

In fall 2009, Masters students in the Environmental Studies department at York University undertook as their thesis project, an indepth study of the North West Triangle in the Queen West area.

This is the initial document showing the project scope and describing the background and history of development in the area.
This is the Study document. (PDF)

A Terms of Reference / background document for students and the community.  This was available to the community prior to the actual charrette meeting. (PDF)

The students formed four groups of 4 to 6.  Each group put together a presentation of their findings and proposals.  A few Active18 people attended the presentations at York University.

The students have generously allowed us to publish their work.  A selection of the works by students Nicole Munoz, James Neilson, Joanna Duarte Laudon, Tim Hayward, Christine Viswanath, Lindsey Savage, Dave Welwood, Tiffany Onesi, Aliya Tejani, Rick Conroy, Steve Gitao, Michael Halder, Matt Kenel and Heidy Schopf are posted below.

The Precinct Plan Proposals for the North West Triangle:

Group 1 Precinct Plan. (PDF)

Group 2 Community Engagement Implementation. (PDF)

Group 2 Precinct Plan. (PDF)

Group 2 Results of the Charrette Report. (PDF)

Group 3 NWT Precinct Plan. (PDF)

MAP of the North West Triangle.

Click on the map for a larger view.