48 Abell

48 Abell is the old warehouse building south of Queen fronting on Abell. We fought and lost to save the building as Heritage. The OMB granted the owner huge density and a new building on the west wing is getting ready for occupancy by St Claire Multi-Faith, a social housing provider. The north and east wings are still occupied. On the east wing a 12 story building is permitted and on the north wing, eight storeys.

In 2010 the owner sold the north and west wing and the development rights to UrbanCore, which is the developer of 150 Sudbury, the Artscape Building to the south and ‘The Edge’ the new building on the south side of the Park.

In 2011 UrbanCore is proposing some changes to the building as approved and asked to meet with A18.

The Steering Committee is concerned about the overcrowded court yard in the midst of the three buildings  – which the OMB imposed over our vigorous objections. Our slight concession was the designation of this as ‘public access open space’. But there is still a way to go before this space is comfortable, attractive and safe.

It’s helpful that the buildings on three sides are all in the hands of the same developer but that’s only a start to negotiations. If there is any serious opportunity to improve this situation we will work on it.

48 Abell from south field (SStudio photo)

48 Abell with park in front (SStudio photo)